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    Unified Threat Management (UTM) & Firewall

    High-performance, next generation enterprise firewall protection.

    As the threat landscape continues to change in volume and sophistication, the need to protect the integrity of your enterprise network and data is imperative.

    • Next generation firewall to provide enhanced end-to-end network security and protection.
    • Intrusion detection and prevention to identify what applications are allowed to traverse your network.
    • Web filtering and content control to block and/or allow specific IP addresses and file signatures.
    • Anti-malware and antivirus to stop unwanted threats into your network.

    UTM Components

    Next-Generation Firewall

    • Encrypted IPsec tunneling for end-to-end network security
    • Built-in redundancy, failover to multiple ISPs with diverse routing
    • Application & traffic prioritization & shaping

    Intrusion Detection & Prevention

    • Block and/or allow specific IP addresses and file signatures
    • Allow/deny specific applications to traverse your network with policies
    • Protocol scanning and blocking by source or destination

    Anti-Malware & Antivirus

    • Multiple detection methods such as URL scanning, object and signature detection
    • Detect threats on blocked based on the URL or signature triggered by content
    • Automatic threat notifications & reporting

    Web Filtering & Content Control

    • Block inappropriate websites by category such as gambling, violence, pornography
    • Restrict bandwidth intensive sites such as streaming radio/TV, media sharing, etc.
    • Whitelist, blacklist by domain, URL, IP


    Compliance requirements such as the PCI DSS exist to ensure that those who work with sensitive information do everything in their power to protect it. Dimension4’s UTM & Firewall solution work to protect businesses and its customers while simplifying its compliance with information security and privacy standards.

    As required by PCI DSS, Dimension4 application proxy technology provides detailed control over the traffic that passes between network zones. This enables administrators to block all traffic by default and to define which traffic is allowed to pass from one zone to the next, including protocols, ports, content and verbs.

    Beyond supporting the required network architectures, there are strong logging, monitoring, and auditing component required by PCI DSS, all of which are supported by Dimension4’s UTM & Firewall solution.

    UTM Total View

    Central Control & Visibility

    • Interactive map shows end-to-end network, infrastructure and virtual health.
    • Gain immediate insight into physical, virtual and wireless networks.
    • View device management by location, name and IP address.
    • View device status on ping, CPU, memory disk and interface utilization.
    • Visibility into how everything is connected and dynamically responds to interactions to give faster time-to-answer.

    Download “Meeting PCI DSS Merchant Requirements” eGuide

    Next-Gen Firewall Demo

    Real threats are out there. The time to act is now!