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    Why Choose SD-WAN?

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      The Challenge

      With the continued demand for high bandwidth, adoption of real-time applications, and increasing dependency for high-performance networks, IT departments are under pressure to do more with less.  The high cost of enterprise WAN connectivity, support and personnel is forcing many network admins to search for alternative solutions.

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      Our Solution

      With Dimension4 SD-WAN, branch offices are connected over low-cost Internet links secured by VPN.  MPLS-like reliability is provided through multiple uplinks with load balancing capabilities, intelligent path control, and automatic failover.  The result: a smart, responsive, secure and unified enterprise-grade network.

    Advantages of SD-WAN

    Software-Defined WAN is a new approach to network connectivity that increases network agility and lowers operational costs.

    Simplified Branch Office
    Transform your legacy network into one centrally orchestrated platform that ties all applications, control, monitoring & maintenances together.
    Application Optimization
    Assign and prioritize business-critical applications over multiple connectivity links regardless of speed of provider for maximum performance.
    Reliability & Performance
    Maximize throughput, reliability, and performance by defining your network topology such as traffic routing, VPN, COS, and application policies.
    Low-Cost Bandwidth
    Leverage your existing low-cost broadband circuits into an enterprise-grade secure WAN while improving the performance of your network.

    SD-WAN Highlights

    Quick Branch Deployment

    Deploying a D4 appliance in the branch can be done in minutes, with just a few easy steps.  Minimal IT expertise is required and offers a scalable model to support deployments with large number of branch offices. 

    Device Consolidation

    Designed as a multi-purposed device, the functionality of the D4 appliance goes beyond SD-WAN.  It supports critical functions such as Firewall, NAT, Routing, VRFs, VPN, DHCP, and IPsec termination. 

    Central Control & Visibility

    Have full visibility into both legacy and cloud applications, and support business application policies to secure and control all WAN traffic from one centralized dashboard. 

    SD-WAN Total View

    Central Control & Visibility

    • Interactive map shows end-to-end network, infrastructure and virtual health.
    • Gain immediate insight into physical, virtual and wireless networks.
    • View device management by location, name and IP address.
    • View device status on ping, CPU, memory disk and interface utilization.
    • Visibility into how everything is connected and dynamically responds to interactions to give faster time-to-answer.

    SD-WAN Custom Demo

    It’s time to simplify and redefine your WAN.