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    Enterprise WiFi Features

    • Reliable operation under the most challenging client density, RF interference and environmental circumstances.
    • Scalable to a network of any size, all visible through a single, common UI.
    • User fewer APs to cover a given area and number of users, or use same number of Aps to server more users and traffic, extending network longevity.
    • Manage WLAN task faster and add new sites easily by pre-configuring them.
    • Critical event auto-notification maximizes network uptime and minimize status-checking.
    • Venue-driven design speeds and simplifies network configuration.
    • Up to six months network data retention enables more accurate growth planning.
    • Monitor and optimize network characteristic, from application visibility to detailed RF related reports at 15-minute intervals.
    • Manage and monitor the network from any Android or iOS device.
    • Instantly set up guest access while away from your desk.
    • Shorten deployment time by scanning APs and automatically adding them to the network.
    • Insert advertisement (photo or text) onto your guest WiFi portal at any time.
    • Promote your brand by customizing your captive portals.
    • Connect your guests quickly and easily with social login and email/SMS guest passes.
    • Apply different network privileges to guest users on the network.

    WiFi Solutions

    Looking for a wireless LAN solution tailored for your industry, we’ve got you covered!


    Small & Medium Business

    Super-fast, reliable enterprise-grade WiFi at the right price for your business.


    Enterprise Business

    High-end, secure performance-grade WiFi with advanced features and analytics.


    Restaurant & Retail

    Connect your store to increase revenue per square foot.


    Hospitality & Travel

    Give guests a fast and reliable wireless home away from home.

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