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    Get started with OneDrive (personal)

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    Sign in to OneDrive

    1. Go to, and select Sign in at the top of the page.
    2. Enter your Microsoft account (Xbox, Skype, email address) and select Next.
    3. Type your password and select Sign In.

    Create an account for OneDrive

    If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create one.

    1. Go to and select Sign up for free.
    2. Select Create a Microsoft account.
    3. Type your email address and the password you want to use, and select Next.Or select Use a phone number instead, enter your phone number, and select Next.If you use a phone number, you’ll receive a code on your phone. Enter the code, and then select Next.

    Navigation pane

    • Files is your home base where you can find all of your files and folders.
    • Recent shows the files you worked on last.
    • Photos is a shortcut to show you all of the pictures in your OneDrive. From here you can create albums or organize your photos with Tags.
    • Shared are the files others have shared with you and the files you’ve shared with others.
    • Recycle bin shows your deleted files and folders.


    • Select New to create files or folders.
    • Select Upload to add files or folders to your OneDrive storage.
    • Select Sort OneDrive for Business Sort button to change how you’d like to view your files.
    • Select View OneDrive for Business View button to change the view.
    • Select Information OneDrive for Business Information button to check recent activity on your files.
    • Use keywords and tags to Search for files or folders.

    When you select a file or folder, the toolbar will change, letting you choose what you’d like to do with the file or folder: OpenShareCopy linkDownloadDeleteMove to, or Copy to.

    Try it!

    With OneDrive on your phone or tablet, your files are secure and accessible from anywhere, on all your devices.

    1. Download the OneDrive app:
      • For Android phones and tablets, download the OneDrive app from the Google Play store.
      • For iPhones and iPads, download the OneDrive app from the App Store.

      Note: If you have a Windows 10 phone, you already have the OneDrive app.

    2. Sign in with the work or school account you use for OneDrive, to see and share your files stored in OneDrive.
    3. To add another account, like your personal OneDrive account:
      • For Android phones and tablets, tap the Menu icon Delve for Android Menu and then tap Add another account.
      • For iPhones and iPads, tap the Accounts and Settings icon iPhone profile icon and then tap Add account.
    4. If you have the Office mobile apps, like Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you can also open, view, and edit your OneDrive files from there.

    Try it!

    With OneDrive on your mobile device, you can access, upload, and share your files from anywhere. The mobile app lets you:

    • Open your files in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to edit them.
    • Share, delete, move, or rename files.
    • Save files offline so you can view or edit when you’re not connected to the internet.
    • Create new files and folders, take photos or videos, and upload new files.
    • Use Scan to turn a document, whiteboard, or business card into a PDF that you can annotate and share with others.
    • Switch between multiple OneDrive accounts.