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    Dimension4 / covid19plan

    COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan: Workstation in a Briefcase

    High-level benefits and what’s included for covered Team members.


    • Team members issued a D4 Owned Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop (or equivalent), USB Headset and External Mouse in a Laptop case to permanently leave at home while employed.
    • Team members eligible for a home internet subsidy for qualifying home broadband plans.
    • Team members work applications are mirrored on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops for remote access without providing access to the underlying data.
    • Team members have Microsoft Teams calling (VOIP) enabled with access to their office phone (the same DID is added to D4 team members local cell phone via MS Teams application).
    • Team members have all the same tools available to them to perform their daily tasks.
    • WIFI is readily available in many public locations as well as in individual homes. Internet Access is virtually everywhere.

    Safety and Security:

    • Cloud services are available from everywhere but only to those authorized to access them.
    • All D4 Servers reside in the Microsoft Azure cloud.
    • Laptop Remotely Managed and Secured by Windows 10 Enterprise and Microsoft Intune.
    • Laptop access controlled with Azure Active Directory, Multifactor Authentication and Conditional Access policy enforcement.
    • Laptop hard-drive is encrypted, able to be wiped remotely and USB file access is disabled.
    • Dimension4 and Client company’s data is never on team members local device as access is through a Microsoft Azure instance of Windows 10 Virtual Desktop.
    • Local devices cannot infect your network with a virus when in the field as they are working off a US Virtual Desktop.
    • Local device performance is fast and reliable.


    • Team member remote operating capability provides location diversity in the event of a local event.
    • D4 provides the ability for users to work from home in the event of a disaster or quarantine.
    • D4 has Geo-diversity through agreements for alternative office space should it be required.