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    Copilot for Microsoft 365 March updates

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    Copilot for Microsoft 365 March updates

    As your everyday AI companion, Copilot helps you with a blank page or the perfect choice of words. It streamlines tasks so you can boost your productivity and be more confident that you’re focusing on what matters most to you. These updates can help you find the insights, creativity, and excitement in a new way of working.

    First time using Copilot?

    Check out “What is a prompt?“.

    What you can do with Copilot.


    Prompts of the month

    “Write a follow up email to /meeting to assess progress. Group by action items, unresolved issues, and next steps.”

    “What’s the latest from /person, organized by emails, chats, and files?”

    Try this with Copilot for Microsoft 365


    Microsoft Teams
    With the new Copilot experience pinned above your Teams chats, you can easily access Copilot to help you search, ask, and create.
    Ask Copilot, “Create an agenda based on /[document] in a friendly tone. Include a table with key action items and deliverables.”


    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Use Copilot to turn your Word doc into a PowerPoint presentation. Just ask Copilot in PowerPoint to turn an existing Word doc into a fully designed PowerPoint presentation.
    Ask Copilot, “Create a presentation from /[document name or link].”


    Microsoft Excel
    Have a conversation with Copilot in Excel. You can ask follow-up questions, get clarification to responses, or chat about other things.
    Ask Copilot, “Tell me what I can do with Copilot in Excel.”


    Microsoft Loop
    Want to expand your conversations to more languages? Copilot in Loop has now expanded its support to include 23 languages, so you can loop in more of your international workforce.


    Microsoft Forms
    Use Copilot to simplify the process of creating surveys, polls, and forms. Just tell Copilot in Forms what you want and let it generate a draft that you can further refine.
    Ask Copilot, “Create a survey about customer satisfaction with [product name].”


    Improvements based on user feedback


    Microsoft Word
    When you reference a Word document tagged as confidential, Copilot will keep that information labeled as confidential.


    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Copilot in PowerPoint can now add images to your presentations to make them more engaging.
    Ask Copilot, “Add an image of [subject] to slide 3.”


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