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    Add tools with tabs

    Dimension4 / Add tools with tabs


    Try it!

    Tabs let you highlight the apps, services, and files your team cares about right at the top of a channel, so everyone in your team can get to them.

    Every channel comes with three tabs by default:

    • Conversations – where your team posts messages and replies, holds meetings, and shares files.
    • Files – helps your team store, find, and co-edit all the documents that have been uploaded to that channel.
    • Wiki – use to draft documents, track meeting notes, and collaborate in real time.

    Add a tab

    1. Select the Select to add an item. plus sign next to the tabs.

    2. Select the type of tab you want.
    3. Type a name and choose a workspace.

    4. Select Post to the channel about this tab.
    5. Select Save.

    1. Select More options, the three dots in the upper right.
    2. Select Copy link to tab.

    Select Select to start a chat. Show tab conversation.

    People can follow the conversation here, or back in the channel. Select Conversations to see the conversation in the channel.